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Bahlam Jaguar Clutch


bahlam (Jaguar) Clutch  Richly colored and fun, the “bahlam” or “Jaguar” clutch accents almost any outfit. Coconut closures with tassel ties provide a fresh twist to the classic envelope clutch. Chic, slim, and elegant, this handbag in an earth tone color palette is perfect for any season.  

The MayaBags® accessories collection is based on using the traditional Maya hand skills, whether embroidery, back-strap loomed fabric, basketry or carving.  “Traditional” means that a skill has been used for a very long time, generally since the culture’s ancient origins, and that it has played a vital role in everyday life.  

 Today MayaBags® enables the Belize Maya to keep these fine artisanal skills alive, handcrafting products that bring a touch of creativity and luxury to the lives of our customers. Designer concepts, vibrant weaving, and embroidery inspired by sky, sea and the rainforestall come together to make beautifully detailed things.

* With black strap.

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Price: BZD $240.00


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